Manfred Diaz

I am a PhD student Université de Montreéal and the Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute under the supervision of Liam Paull with focus on machine learning and robotics. I hold a MS in Computer Science (ML focus) from Concordia University, where I worked as research assistant with Thomas Fevens. Concurrently, I spent a year as a visting researcher in the Shared Reality Lab at McGill University under the supervision of Jeremy Cooperstock where I worked on guidance and navigation systems for the visually-impaired. Back in Cuba, I completed a BSc in Computer Science with summa cum laude from Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas, where I specialized in distributed systems architectures.

My research interest focus in the area of robotics learning from interactions, behavior and intention modelling, and I am generally interested in the connection of AI and Cognitive Sciences. As of Fall 2019, I am starting to take interns with strong interests in multi-agent learning and graph-based representations. If you are interested, you can apply through this form and mention me as a potential collaborator.

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